Seminar – Trusts for Business

I am delighted to be presenting at a seminar on using trusts for business purposes which will be held on 8 November.

In the Czech context, this is a fascinating topic. So far in CZ, trusts have been used almost exclusively to achieve family rather than business objectives.  However, I have already had the privilege of being involved in a small number of very successful Czech business structures using trusts.  They highlight a terrific opportunity.

Czech commercial lawyers have a set of tools to solve problems which were developed in ‘pre-trust’ history.  They know how to use those tools, and those tools usually work (more or less).  As a result, they are not always open to new solutions – even when those new solutions are better than the old ones.  It is also true that Czech law and Czech tax law can make using trusts challenging and that is sometimes used as an excuse to dismiss the idea completely.  However in reality it is possible to overcome many of these so-called problems.

My part of the seminar will look at how trusts are used internationally to achieve business objectives.  For each objective I will explore in detail at how it works internationally and then, together with participants, brainstorm how it could work here.  (Spoiler – some things do not work, some other things work really well).  Because this is unexplored territory, I do not promise to provide every answer.  I do promise to provide plenty of food for thought!

More details of the seminar – plus the registration link – are here.