In-Person Training

I offer both group and individual training. My courses are always tailor-made and designed for maximum impact in the time available.

Who is my training for?

I typically train three different ‘types’ of people

1.  Professionals

I train lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, family office managers and others – especially those from Civil law countries for whom trusts, trust concepts, and trust administration can be relatively unfamiliar concepts.

I also provide specialist training and consulting in some of the areas in which even experienced professionals sometimes struggle. This applies especially to trust administration processes and to the correct and risk-free performance of trustee duties.

I provide comprehensive knowledge in a risk-free and non-judgemental environment.

2.  Trustees

I train trustees and foundation council members – especially non-professionals. Have you been appointed as a trustee? Do you understand your role? 

I teach you the techniques you need to make sure that you are doing your job well but also in a way that protects you from risk and potential legal liability.

In most cases, it is reasonable and appropriate for the cost of trustee training to be paid by your trust(s).

3.  Families

I provide training for families who want to open a discussion about family business succession or establishing a family dynasty, and similar issues.

In my experience training is a very non-threatening way to gather the information and understanding you need – in a non-pressurised context, and without any feeling of obligation. The training is not just about trusts and foundations – but also about the bigger picture. The family constitution, objectives and long-term vision – and how best to achieve it.

I sometimes train business owners and family heads individually, but in other cases, I can provide training for the entire family as a group – so that everyone has a shared understanding of the important concepts. This can also be a basis for family ‘workshops’ outside the context of the training where you discuss the future of your family together.

What topics can I cover?

Topics include any, or any combination of:

    • Introduction to Trusts and Foundations

What are they and how do they work?

    • Different types of trusts and foundations
    • How trusts and foundations are used in practice

Real examples

    • When things go wrong

What happens when people try to attack your trusts, foundations, and settlements?
How does it work?
What can you do to protect against this?

    • Documents

What do they look like?
What should they contain?
What must they contain?
What must they never contain? 

    • Structure design – Business Succession

Making sure the founder stays in control
Creating a (not only legal) structure for the future
Setting and enforcing the rules

    • Structure design – How to build a family dynasty
    • Family Governance

How to do it.
Techniques for maximising (or limiting) democracy, and keeping the family involved.
Managing and eliminating family conflict
Making sure everything really does go according to plan

    • Structure design – Asset Protection

How to do it so that it actually works.
The most common pitfalls – including real examples

    • Blind Trusts
    • Trust Administration

Correct documentation
How should it be kept?
Procedures for correct outcomes

    • Trustee Training and Trustee Duties

What is your job as a trustee?
What are your duties?
How to do things correctly
How to eliminate risk

And of course I can wrap everything together in a 1-2 day course entitled “Trusts and Foundations – everything you need to know

How does it work?

I deliver the training in English either at your place or mine (private offices in Prague 1).

My communication style is clear, simple, and easy to understand. I strive to take the sometimes quite complex and confusing concepts of trusts and explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

The training is open, relaxed and generally interactive. I encourage you to ask questions and for clarification of anything you are not sure about. There are no silly questions – and sometimes the ‘silliest’ questions have the most important answers.

The training is not usually jurisdiction-specific. Instead, I focus on concepts and structures – things that are the same (almost) everywhere, and how to translate those ideas into practice so that they actually work.  You can leave the tedious legal detail for later – it really isn’t that important.

I will provide you with hard/and or electronic copies of all the materials.

Tell me more!

The training is always tailor-made. Get in touch to tell me what you would like to do, and we can explore the possibilities.

Training is priced based on duration, location, and intensity. Once I understand your objectives, I can provide pricing.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.