How I help

Welcome to the website of James Turnbull TEP LLB., independent family succession adviser.

I am a specialist in helping families pass wealth and business on to future generations.  As part of this, I also have expert knowledge of trusts and foundations.

When you are going through the process of setting up something new it can sometimes be confusing or even stressful.  Are you sure what you are doing is right?  Will it work?  Are you doing it in the most effective way?

Because of these common concerns, it’s great to have an expert on your team.  Especially in the CEE region, many existing advisers lack the depth of knowledge and experience you need.  I can work alongside them, helping them and most importantly helping you to make sure you achieve the right outcome.

    • I can help you develop your strategy and structure so that it works properly
    • I can help you identify the right jurisdiction to achieve your goals
    • I can make sure that you remain fully in control – both through the establishment phase and afterward
    • I can help you understand trust concepts.  These can sometimes be quite confusing at first glance, but I can explain everything in plain English.
    • I can work with you to fill any gaps in the knowledge and experience of your advisory team
    • I can champion your interests and ensure that your solution is really yours and that it delivers what YOU want (not what your advisers or providers want).
    • I can help you find the providers and professionals you need.  People with the skills, know-how, substance, and credibility to do the job correctly
    • I can help make sure you pay the right price for your solution
    • I can review draft documents to look for any fishhooks and contribute comments and suggestions
    • If you already have a trust or foundation, I can review it to check that it is robust and effective.
    • I can provide general guidance and help.

I also provide training in the area of trusts, foundations, and structuring.

Who I help

I help people anywhere in the CEE region.  I can also undertake projects further afield by agreement.


I primarily work with families from the CEE Region who are establishing trusts or foundations.


I also work with companies and business owners who want to use trusts to achieve commercial objectives.

Lawyers and Private Bankers

I also work with and alongside lawyers and other professional advisers – adding depth to your team when dealing with trust and foundation establishment

Trust Providers

I am also occasionally engaged by trust providers when they are dealing with clients who they feel lack the support they need to ensure the process and outcomes are optimal.


What I do not do

I am an independent adviser.

I do not establish trusts or foundations myself and always encourage clients to use professional and credible partners to do this

I do not provide legal or tax advisory services.  I encourage clients to make sure that they have the right advisers in these areas, and I work alongside those advisers.

How much does it cost?

I take the first introductory call or meeting on a no-commitment basis; further work will be done on agreed contractual terms.

My standard fees are 100 EUR per hour plus costs and disbursements.

For larger projects, I can negotiate special pricing.